Employee Engagement Workshop


Workshop Summary

This is an opportunity for senior level managers, executives, managers, team leaders to gain new insights on how very successful organizations are staying dynamically consistent with communications patterns and tendencies at the core of their organizations to guarantee that their people continue to be engaged, innovative, productive, energized and find meaning and alignment in their daily influence and contributions towards organizational objectives.
Participatory, Hands On, Real Life Case Studies Approach

Participants in these workshops will have an opportunity to engage in real-life case studies, attain and problem solve resolutions to some persistent communication dilemmas and furthermore have an occasion to share their personal insights with the group. Format of workshop would be: Executive Round Tables, Structured Study Room, Interactive group breakouts, Case Study sessions, Subject Matter Expert panels, and hands on
participative Workshop.

360 Feedback

Understanding the Value of Feedback and how to use it to drive innovation, improvements, and engagement. Utilizing the Richness of Organizational Narratives, leveraging the stories of individual success journeys and championing these achievements to kindle a struggling culture or to keep the embers burning on a strong culture.

Learn Kouzes and Posner’s Leadership Formula MICEE- Model the Way, Inspire a Shared Vision, Challenge the Process, Enable Others to Act, and Encourage the Heart.


Projected Benefits/Outcomes:

Develop capacities to design strategic communication initiatives and campaigns that propel employee engagement. Be knowledgeable in creating a culture of authenticity based on specific learning and leadership styles of organizational individuals. Leaders will benefit from taking DISC Personality Type Assessments & Myers- Briggs Type Indicators, and other Behavioral Inventories to provide them with insights on their personality and how best to work with and effectively engage others.

Your human capital will only improve when they have consistent constructive feedback in an environment that allows them to make corrections and improvements.

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