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Innov8Change Advisory Group offers Culturally Competent Management and Leadership Consulting/Training as an integral aspect of engaging groundbreaking approaches to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Organizational Development.

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The increasingly complex and multicultural business environment is a call for Human Resources leaders to lead, be more agile with business response strategies that integrate a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion lens. Human Resources should be an agent of strategic impact for all organizational individuals. In this training, Innov8Change Advisory Group shares insights and organizational gems obtained through rigorous research grounded in practitioner insights and academia. Benefit from carefully crafted customizable, adaptable strategies that are intended to realign Organizational Development Human Resources Strategy to integrate a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion lens.

Using a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Lens of Reference, learn how to make the human resources function, knowledgeable and invested partners with other executives in charting a path for organizational strategy. These strategic human resources training can be administered based on a standard and sound rubric or as a personalized training..

The development journey begins with an HR Cultural Competency Diversity Equity and Inclusion 360 assessment. The assessment is intended to identify strength areas and areas of opportunity for growth. This allows action plans to be very specific and tailored to precise organizational climates. It enhances the personal improvement journey and impact of training to participant. Participants have an opportunity to re-frame their role from an outside-in viewpoint, evaluate themselves against the specific diversity, equity and inclusion challenges faced by the organization, and develop stronger business expertise and cultural competencies. Participants will identify capabilities that will drive diversity, equity and inclusion integration and develop plans to align HR programs, hiring programs, promotions, performance evaluations and other HR processes that will make the organization achieve diversity, equity and inclusion goals. Participants will also develop competencies on influencing they employees with whom they work on their journey towards diversity, equity, and inclusion development.

Innov8 Change Advisory Group uses an extensive variety of training features including case studies, scenarios, scenario planning, simulations, experience-based narratives, lived experience, current issues, hands-on exercises, videos, and engaging discussions for participant development.

All Human Resources Managers, Leaders and professionals who take our HR Cultural Competency Diversity Equity and Inclusion 360 assessment will benefit the most from the understanding when they quickly turn the findings into meaningful action. This training facilitates participants with an understanding of their individual strengths and weaknesses and action and developmental plans to enhance their efficacy in producing results.


Understanding and meeting diverse needs and creating inclusive environments stems from being culturally competent.

To meet the needs of culturally diverse groups, we must engage in the process of becoming culturally competent. Cultural Competence is a set of consistent behaviors, attitudes, and policies that come together in a system, organization, or among professionals and enables that system, organization, or those professionals to work effectively in cross cultural situations.


Creating safe spaces for employees to have a dialogue and share experiences. Case studies, scenario based, real life examples of both formal/informal and “self-managed” approaches to invoke understanding and appreciation for all organizational individuals.


Unconscious Bias Training- The Challenge- We realize that training is not always effective at encouraging people to confront and interrogate their biases. This training uses unique approaches that engage safe spaces and opportunities for the voluntary sharing of lived experiences. Through storytelling, personal narratives, case studies, short videos, simulations, and scenarios this training achieves an effective outcome for addressing unconscious bias.


Creating safe spaces enabled participants to open their hearts and minds to compassion and new learning. Many employees have limited understanding of diversity/ diverse groups. This often leads to incorrect assumptions and negative stereotypes. Through Cultural Competency development, participants learn how to understand their own perceptions, worldviews, assumptions, biases so they can make more conscious hiring decisions, promotions, workplace interactions and decisions in their personal lives.


Completion of pre/post assessments as a measure of learning and appreciation/understanding of differences.


Obtain Voluntary Written feedback included messages on: “what will I do differently” or “which behavior will I change as of today”

Focusing on self-awareness, self-reflection, and reduction of bias, perceptions, and assumptions.

Significant research demonstrates that all humans engage in conscious and unconscious processes based on images stored in memory
Our years of subconscious associations affect what we think we see, how we react, how we feel, and how we behave. “Any effort to build inclusion … has to address our perceptions (and biases). This takes time … but is also more like to endure.”

Benefit from Innov8Change Advisory Group’s Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity that will help training participants better understand the process by which they can learn to include, value, and respond respectfully to people of all cultures.


Our highly interactive training involves one-on-one and small groups coaching, discussion and focus groups on the central competencies of multicultural presentation skills, persuasive and engaging culturally competent communication, and maintaining a professional image in a results-driven setting.

Our participatory, safe, inclusive, and engaging approach offers a competitive edge by providing you with the skills to consistently lead, influence, and inform others in a culturally competent way. We would explore world views, stereotypes, predispositions, prejudice, perception blind spots and cultural epistemologies and the significant influence they hold on how we view, talk about, and interact with the world.
Our participatory, safe, inclusive, and In attending to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, this training includes an exploratory Finding Your Voice Segment. In Finding Your Voice: Organizations can emancipate all organizational individuals and help give voice to its organizational constituents, exploring foundations of historicity in organizational science, interrogating the taken for granted traditions of oppression, marginalization, otherness, exclusion, unconscious bias and privilege that occur overtly or latently in organizations, and how these issues have overtime been concretized and institutionalized thereby hampering true Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives in organizations. Additionally, we will explore how organizational individuals experience organizational processes and how they make meaning of these organizational policies and processes in relation to their own personal and unique identities. Finally, but not exclusively, we will explore how Organizational Processes can honor beliefs, affirm diverse identities, improve communication processes, reduce, and eliminate unconscious bias, and achieve organizational cultural competency.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Cultural Competency in Banking Training

Innov8 Change works specifically with banking executives, managers, supervisors, bankers, and financial services professionals on how to achieve integrative connections with culturally competent business models.

The current demographic realities of the United States demonstrate a reduction in barriers that once separated cultures nationally and globally. Banks and Financial services organizations play a crucial role and have immense impact in the lives of people and are also currently dealing with varying cultures and individuals with different ethnicities and diversity. This training aims to improve the competencies of financial services providers to effectively offer appropriate and well-informed services and interventions that will enhance the financial wellness and unique needs of diverse populations with varying socio-economic backgrounds, native language difficulties, minority and often marginalized statuses. Innov8 Change Advisory Group subject matter experts draw on deep experience across industries to help the leadership of banks and financial services institutions in finding innovative ways to optimize processes, incorporate cultural competency considerations, enhance the experience of ALL customers, and be strategically positioned for a changing and competitive market space. Innov8 Change provides advisory, innovative, and capacity development services with a deep understanding of banking and financial services with a knowledge of best practices and future-state technologies.

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