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We provide big-picture organizational problem solving and innovative growth strategies.

Innov8 Change has worked with diverse organizational individuals, leaders, business executives and senior managers across business organizations, universities, financial institutions, large global organizations some of which have included Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies as well as not for profit and educational institutions.

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“Who are we….?”
“…finding your voice…”
Thank you for being such an inspiration. There’s no doubt in my mind that your legacy will resonate forever!


Wow.. thanks for sharing not only today but throughout this retreat! You’re full of great ideas and this leadership experience will help you go to that next level! You’re an inspiration to us all… Good luck


“People won’t believe the message if they don’t believe the messenger.”
It’s so true! it goes to show how far values, beliefs, etc can really take us. Maintain your integrity! Great Work


Thank you for sharing your life today!
You are a brilliant man because you strive for success! I have learned more about you because of this retreat and that makes me feel blessed.
Thank you so much!

P.S I want to use my voice to echo because of your message today!


You continue to amaze me in your amazing ability to string words together into something so inspiring.
Your passion & compassion shine through. I admire your faith & spirituality in how you put them first in everything in your life. Good luck with all you do.


Always Enlightened when you speak…. Thank you for sharing your story and your great ideas. Thank you for sharing.

Innovating Leader & Organizational Performance through Change

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