Participatory & Inclusive Leadership Workshop


Workshop Summary

Who is a Participative & Inclusive Leader?

They are people-oriented, great listeners, they facilitate conversations, share information and knowledge, encourage idea collaboration, communicate decisions to team members, embrace the cultural differences of team members and find unique ways to engage unique talents and motivations of the diverse teams that they manage

Who are they?

These leaders are Approachable, Good Communicators, Open minded, Empowering, Show Patience, Embrace Cultural Differences, Demonstrate Understanding, and have a Genuine Interest in People. Creating a participative workplace is integral in improving the overall workplace morale, improves recruiting processes and helpful in employee retention. Additional benefits of Participative leadership are the increased number of opinions in decision making.

Join Engaging and Thought Inspiring Conversations on this important aspect of Leadership and Learn...

You will discover these unique secrets and more in our DISC Personality Types Workshops. Find out why it is easy to work with certain individuals, why some people are more straight to the point, why others have a more relaxed approach, why others are extremely analytical and committed to being cautious in decision making among many others. Find out how you can utilize these differences to build high performing teams, foster belonging, organizational commitment, teamwork and organizational success.
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