Leadership Communications Essentials Workshop


Workshop Summary


Innov8 Communications is a recognized leader in
providing individuals with the communication aptitude needed to lead, influence, and inform others.

Collaborative Nature Of Workshops

Our highly interactive workshops involve one-on-one and small groups coaching in the central competencies of presentation skills, persuasive and engaging communication, and maintaining a professional image ina results-driven setting. These hands on and engaging approach offers a competitive edge by providing you with the skills to consistently lead, influence and inform

Maximizing Communication Capacities

Enhancing effective communication capacites of your team to maximize relationships and increase productivity. Offer your team a leadership practices and behavior inventory to learn about their styles, use interactive simulations and skill building exercises to increase capacities to handle diverse communications scenarios and situations.

Condensed Recap on Why Management Sometimes Fail


Over reliance on Managerial Power to Get Things Done (My Way, Status Quo-How Things are Done Around Here)


Poor Communication Skills and Lack of flexibility


The Danger of Assumptions- Unclear Directives and Expectations in Communication


Communication Breakdown- Poor Listening Skills, Poor Delegation, Poor Prioritization


Communication Challenges in Creative Problem Solving and Inappropriate reliance on Systems


Poor Management of Organizational Communication

Together we will generate fresh perspectives to longstanding challenges and help you model the way, inspire a shared vision, change pro cesses, develop your team, envision and achieve a future with unlimited possibilities.

We help our clients build the best organizational performance teams in the world

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